Restaurant Concept Creation

Restaurant Concept Creation

At 4 Course we believe in creating competitive points of difference within your restaurant concept. We are not in the business to replicate or duplicate someone else’s concept. Our team clearly understands the current trends and has a pulse in every segment of the marketplace. However we are not in the business of following the trend, we are in the business of creating it. This is done through collaboration with our customers and the constant pursuit of excellence in innovation and everything we do. We will balance the cost and return on investment while giving your customers a truly unique and inviting experience. Some of our recent successful concept launches include, but are not limited to:

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Market Analysis

4 Course Consultants performs a detailed market analysis to derive the best concept for your restaurant. We create a market study that identifies the competition, ideal demographic, suggested price point and reveals opportunities for new concepts that will deliver sustainable success. We deliver the information required to allow our customers to make educated decisions while creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 4 Course Consultants specializes in creating unique concepts that create unique points of difference that keep customers coming back again and again.

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Conceptual Storyboards

4 Course Consultants creates storyboards that articulate the restaurant concept and vision of the project to all stakeholders. This critical deliverable ensures buy-in from the management team and investors to assure alignment in the development stage of the project.

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Business Plans

With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, 4 Course Consultants can help create the business plan required to entice investors and launch your investment properly. We help you define the following key elements required to attract investors and define the strategy for your organization:

  • Executive summary
  • Business description & concept
  • Products and services offering: Culinary, beverage, and retail
  • Marketing strategy: Demographic, competitive analysis, product price point, and promotion
  • Operations
  • Development/Growth strategy
  • Financial projections

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Space Plans

4 Course Consultants delivers Space Plans that optimize floor area for maximum productivity, ergonomics, and safety. We deliver conceptual and final layout plans that provide solutions for kitchen, bar, dining, outdoor seating, restroom, and waiting areas while maintaining optimal efficiency and flow throughout the restaurant.

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