Restaurant Consultation Services

Restaurant Consultation & Coaching

Natural born leaders are few and far between. Do you require a representative who can take the reigns and get your restaurant or hospitality business project back on track? 4 Course Consultants possess the necessary skills and experiences to lead your project.

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Operations Review & Analysis

With over 50 combined years of operations and financial analysis experience, 4 Course Consultants can quickly assess, deliver feedback and provide guidance to increase the profitability of your restaurant. We review all revenue streams and cost allocations to determine areas of opportunity. 4 Course Consultants believes in a collaborative approach with restaurant owners and managers to drive sales revenue, improve productivity and reduce cost within the operation.

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Profit Solutions

Being profitable is the main goal of any business. At 4 Course Consultants, we take a collaborative and systematic approach in reviewing potential opportunities to increase profitability. Some of the more common profit strategies we employ include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost control: Waste reduction, supplier negotiation, reduction, diversification, long-termĀ agreements, and partnerships
  • Inventory management: On-hand inventory, “Just-in-Time” inventory, and cycles/turn analysis
  • Process control: Increased productivity, and throughout
  • Incremental revenue streams, New products, and services, strategic pricing

Cost Control/Supply Chain Management

4 Course Consultants specializes in identifying cost reduction opportunities within your operation. The quality of your product is directly correlated to the ingredients and services required to create it. Reducing cost and optimizing the supply chain while maintaining or improving your product is a key driver to profitability. We educate our customers on how to create a competitive advantage during the negotiation process. We educate you on the advantage of establishing long-term supply agreements and reasons why a diversified supply base makes sense. We identify products that can be produced in-house and where outsourcing makes sense. We take a systematic approach to help you identify the best suppliers and how to create long-lasting partnerships with them. 4 Course Consultants specializes in cost reduction opportunities tied to the following common cost centers in the hospitality industry:

  • Labor
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Outsourced services
  • Capital equipment

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Action Plans

Upon completion of your operations review, 4 Course Consultants will create an action plan required to achieve the objective at hand. We identify solutions instead of focusing on problems, and always look for more ways to make the business better. 4 Course Consultants deliver detailed plans that identify team member roles and responsibilities, detailed tasks, required outcomes, and timelines needed to assure your goals are reached. We believe in a collaborative and hands-on approach. 4 Course Consultants will help you gain team member buy-in and aide in driving the project to completion.

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