Recipe Creation

At 4 Course Consultants, we source quality ingredients and create layers of flavors that keep your customers coming back for more. Our innovative culinary approach gives clear and concise instructions on how to prepare and build any given recipe. We use a proven method of food cost calculation to ensure profitability and sustainability. We take pride in everything we do, focus on the details and ensure everything is done just right. From a casual place to grab a bite, to a more refined dining experience. We offer recipe options that ensure you are the customer’s first choice, regardless of their desired dining experience.

Build Cards

4 Course Consultants creates recipe Build Cards that enable chefs the ability to produce culinary products consistently while incorporating the highest quality possible. Our Build Cards provide all of the pertinent information required to create and execute recipes your customers will love while maintaining profitability. Build Card content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ingredients
  • Amounts
  • Sequence
  • Prep, cook temperature, and time
  • Plateware requirements
  • Storage container requirements
  • Storage temperature
  • Shelf life

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Culinary Cost Breakdown

4 Course Consultants has the ability to analyze and optimize any given culinary recipe for maximum profitability. We help restaurant owners identify areas of opportunity for cost reduction while maintaining quality. We can help identify the best supply chain and build process for any given recipe. We look at the entire process and overhead structure to identify any cost savings opportunity.

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Menu Design

At 4Course Consultants our Food Philosophy is based on quality. We innovate and create products that are executable, profitable and Crave-able with layers of flavors that are produced in a timely manner. We train team members to prepare food as close to the time of consumption as humanly possible. We set up our kitchens plans to keep Hot Food Hot and Cold Food Cold, while maintaining a fully functional and productive work environment.

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