Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

4 Course Consultants are capable of managing restaurant start-ups from concept to commercialization. We offer a single-source solution for all of your restaurant design and operations requirements. We take a collaborative approach with stakeholders to create concepts that have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our ability to create innovative architectural designs, renderings, complete floor plans and manufacturing drawings allows us to communicate effectively across all team members. At 4 Course Course Consultants, we understand all aspects of the design and build process. Let us help you create a restaurant design that is truly unique.

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4 Course Consultants can guide you through the restaurant start-up process to ensure a successful launch of your investment. We specialize in collaborating with restaurant owners to fully implement their vision, and assist them in creating competitive points of difference. 4 Course Consultants offers the following services:

  • Discovery: Concept, food, service, design, average check, revenue, location, and space planning
  • Budgets
  • Financial revenue projections
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Buildouts
  • Promotion & launch

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Master Plans, Layout, & Manufacturing Drawings

4 Course Consultants has in-house design capability required to fully articulate the architectural restaurant design and floor layout of the entire restaurant to General Contractors. We furnish schematics, floor plans, layout drawings, renderings, and bills of material required to fully define and execute the project at hand. 4 Course Consultants specializes in creating the most ergonomic layouts that are designed to maximize floor space, efficiency, and productivity. We utilize the latest design software to create and articulate the concept to all stakeholders and team members.

We design and build custom restaurant décor. From simple ornamental trim pieces, tables, bar tops to complex overhead structures, we create a look and feel that entices customers to come back again and again. 4 Course Consultants understands the material selection process, manufacturing, equipment required and what it takes to create a memorable piece. We create cad models and manufacturing drawings that enable machinists and assemblers the ability to manufacture our products with ease.

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4 Course Consultants has partnered with proven general contractors that specialize in restaurant and commercial building construction. We understand the importance of a quality build that is on-time and within budget. Our ability to handle the entire design and build-out creates an “ease of doing business” while freeing up your time to focus on other key aspects of the investment.

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